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At Gallaher's House of Hearing, we view the health of your ears holistically. That means we're as interested in protecting your ears as we are in amplifying how you hear. Whether you're coming in for your first baseline hearing test or have been using hearing aids for decades, we can help keep your ears healthy and working well. And if loud noises are part of your life, we can help keep your ears safe, too.

We offer a full range of services related to your hearing:

Repair and Maintenance

Repairs at Gallaher's House of Hearing Aids

Many hearing aid distributors these days have to send all hearing aids directly to the manufacturers for repairs; however, we have the knowledge and skill to make some repairs in-office ourselves. We'll let you know if we can repair your hearing aid, which will save you a lot of time and money.

All hearing aids from Gallaher's House of Hearing Aids come with follow-up hearing testing, cleaning and adjusting at no charge for the life of the hearing device. Our hearing aids also come with a four-year warranty; you are welcome to extend that with a six- to twelve-month repair warranty if your aid malfunctions outside the original warranty period.

If you lose your hearing aids, we provide a one-time, one-year loss replacement with a deductible.

Bring a Loved One

The more people we can have on the team, the better. We put it this way: If one person in the house has a hearing problem, everybody in the house has a hearing problem. Your family members have an idea of your hearing situation because they are part of your day-to-day life, whether that's having to repeat themselves or turning the TV volume up. Bring them in so they can share their perspective and also learn how to use and care for your hearing aid, in case you need help or a second opinion. They'll also know what to expect when you go home so they can see what a difference the hearing aids are making — for example, they'll notice if you can hear them better at lower volumes. Those observations will help us with your follow-up appointments.

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