Client Reviews of Gallaher’s House of Hearing Aids

“Easily the most comfortable hearing aids I’ve ever worn. Even comfortable with heavy-framed glasses!

Marked improvement over my previous units, especially directionally. Actually heard and understood a conversation occurring behind me in a crowded gym. My television volume is now set at least four levels lower (much to my wife’s satisfaction) and telephone conversations are a piece of cake.

More importantly to me as a musician, I find no evidence of what I call ‘music bounce’ even when playing a wind instrument. I am able to keep the aids on instead of having to turn them off while playing.

I have been dealing with the folks at Gallaher for years, as did my daughter before me, and as always, I am completely satisfied. I recommend them to friends without any qualms.”

– Mike

“Absolutely tops!! I’ve had two hearing aids before this one from other sources. They both are in a drawer. The sound was flat and did not discriminate in situations where there was a lot of background noise. All I could hear was the background, not the voices.

Scott Gallaher is a specalist who does a workup on your particular frequency of hearing loss and matches the device to you loss, amplifying what you have trouble hearing and allowing the frequencies you can hear to come through. The result is natural and ‘live’ sound. I cannot say enough good things about Scott Gallaher and his sister at Gallaher’s House of Hearing. I’m back in the game.”

– A Satisfied Client