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We Carry All Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Gallaher's House of Hearing Aids carries hearing aids from all the major manufacturers: Oticon, EarQ, Signia, ReSound, Starkey, Widex, and Phonak. Because we fit many different hearing aids and many different manufacturers, we know which hearing aid will probably be most effective for an individual person's hearing loss. We aren't required to be loyal to a particular brand; we can make the decision that is best for you.

However, we do fit a lot of Oticon because they have the widest range of hearing aids that are effective for people with mild losses up to profound. Our family members tend to prefer the way they can hear and understand with Oticon, and because we know how to make this particular product work for us, we are comfortable making it work for other people, too.

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Hearing Aid Styles

There are many different formats for hearing aids. Some are better suited for more active lifestyles and/or more severe hearing loss.

The price of a hearing aid varies not because of style but because of the level of technology inside. Some hearing aids are extremely high-tech, with Bluetooth connectivity; others are much simpler.

Hearing aid line up at Gallaher's House of Hearing Aids

Why Oticon?

The Oticon Opn

We match each patient to the hearing aids we think will be the best fit, regardless of brand, but there are reasons why we think Oticon is best-in-class. Oticon offers some of the most sophisticated technology for convenience, audio quality, and clarity even in very noisy places.

In particular, the Opn hearing aid from Oticon is one of the best out there. Opn includes options for mild to profound hearing loss, but Opn hearing aids at all levels reduce noise, improve speech clarity, help you locate the sounds you hear, and let you personalize your hearing experience. They are very sophisticated when it comes to binaural hearing, meaning your two hearing aids work together so that you have a clearer picture of the spatial sound around you. Hearing sound is only one part of the story; you also need to be able to understand the sounds you hear, which is where Oticon's BrainHearing technology comes in. Our patients (and our family members!) who wear Oticon hearing aids notice that they have an easier time making sense of what people say and remembering what they've been told because the hearing aids deliver sound in a way that their brains can more easily process. There's really nothing else available quite like it.

We also appreciate that many Opn hearing aids are rechargeable, meaning you'll never have to worry about changing batteries. They have powerful wireless connectivity to your phone, your television, and other Bluetooth-equipped devices around your home. And there are a number of other benefits, like power-efficient design, compact size and shape, and easy-to-use buttons, that make it an even better choice for many people.

Oticon Opn S

We believe it is important to stay ahead of the latest trends and technology in the hearing industry so we can continue to provide our patients with the expert care they deserve. We recently attended a two-day training event with EarQ and Oticon in Denver, Colorado, where we learned about new ways we can offer you the best possible hearing healthcare experience.

We were also one of the first in our area to be trained on the newest Oticon technology, including the Opn S. The Opn S is different because it is the first device to deliver speech understanding on par with normal hearing. This means you can take a more active part in difficult listening situations and understand more with less effort.

Try the Opn S for yourself. Make an appointment today!

Selections of Hearing Aids

Based on our conversation with you and the results of your hearing tests, we'll recommend a style and model of hearing aid for you. Then we'll fit you with the hearing aids and send you home with them free of charge for a month. We'll find out in your world, in your everyday life, whether these hearing aids are the proper fit for you. When you come back to our office, you'll tell us what you've noticed and how the hearing aids have worked in different situations. We'll decide together whether these hearing aids work for you or not. Sometimes we'll need to switch you to a different product; in those cases, the second choice is almost always the right one. We need you to have that real-world experience wearing the hearing aids in order for us to know if they work.

It's very important from the very beginning that we understand your hearing preferences and whether the hearing aids are comfortable in your ears or not. You can have the best-made hearing aid in the world, but if we don't take the time to make it right for your needs, the hearing aids won't work for you. We will examine your ear and look at the structure of your entire hearing system, and we'll also consider your hobbies, your work, and the kinds of situations you are often in so that we can determine which hearing aids to recommend. For example, if you lead a very active lifestyle, you may have specific needs. If you work in an environment that is prone to dust and dirt, or one that is very loud, we may have to consider that as well.

If you have a hard time finding regular earplugs that fit your ear shape, you may need a custom-fit hearing aid. You might think that a custom-fit hearing aid is better by default, but that's not necessarily the case — nor are they any more expensive than an off-the-shelf model. Custom-fit hearing aids are right for some people; they may or may not be right for you.

EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty

At Gallaher's, we're glad to offer our patients the EarQ Secure 4-Year Waranty. Most providers only offer 2 or 3 year warranties, but the Secure 4-Year Warranty lets you feel confident and secure with four years of service, repairs, cleaning, and adjustments. Inquire today!

How Have Hearing Aids Changed?

When we started out fitting hearing aids, there were still plenty of body aids being worn, and everything was analog instead of digital. That meant that hearing aids were built a certain way, and we had to find the best fit we could, make only the minor adjustments that were possible, and counsel our patients on getting used to them.

Now we get the opportunity to custom-design and custom program hearing aids the way that people really need them. It used to be "hope for the best;" now it's making your hearing aids work specifically for you as an individual. It's a significant change and it's very rewarding on our end as hearing aid professionals. Technology has also helped us overcome some traditional challenges of hearing aids.

Technological Advancements

Telephones used to be an issue for people with hearing aids; people with severe hearing loss couldn't talk on the phone. Likewise, television was a challenge. Modern technology has changed all that. The biggest advance has been the introduction of Bluetooth streaming. People can connect their hearing aids to their cell phones and have conversations; they can connect to their televisions and have the sound transmitted directly to their hearing aids. We can even use cell phone apps to make changes directly to the programming of your hearing aids.

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